The Istanbul Puzzle – Laurence O´Bryan

The Istanbul Puzzle

First off, some information from Goodreads website on the book. Scroll down for my thoughts. Beware: my review  may contain spoilers.

The Istanbul Puzzle is a thriller/mystery novel, first published January 19, 2012. It’s the first in a series of novels featuring Sean Ryan and Isabel Sharp, being published by Harper Collins and a series of other publishers around the world.

Buried deep under Istanbul, a secret is about to resurface with explosive consequences…Alex Zegliwski has been savagely beheaded. His body is found hidden near the sacred archaeological site of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. When Sean arrives in the ancient city to identify his colleague’s body, he is handed an envelope of photographs belonging to Alek and soon finds himself in grave danger. Someone wants him dead but why? Aided by British diplomat Isabel Sharp, Sean begins to unravel the mystery of the mosaics in the photographs and inch closer to snaring Alek’s assassin. Evil is at work and when a lethal virus is unleashed on the city, panic spreads fast. Time is running out for Sean and Isabel. They must catch the killer before it’s too late. An electrifying conspiracy thriller which will entice fans of Scott Mariani, Sam Bourne and Dan Brown.

Fairly typical for this genre: religion, adventure,  intrigue, history detail, travel. It starts off with a bang: the beheading of Alex and from there on it keep you on your toes. High speed car chases, religious issues, secrets and a deadly virus all sum up this book.

It starts in Istanbul and the author does a superb job of describing the city, it made me feel as if I were actually there. there are also parts based in London and Irak.

There is a bunch of puzzles connected to his book on the authors website. which are an interesting add on to the books.

i really enjoyed this book and I now wait for the next installment.

Update: here is a link to the second and third in the series.

2 thoughts on “The Istanbul Puzzle – Laurence O´Bryan

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