The Jerusalem Puzzle – Laurence O´Bryan

The Jerusalem Puzzle

First off, some information from Goodreads website on the book. Scroll down for my thoughts. Beware: my review  may contain spoilers.

An archaic manuscript contains a secret, one that could change the world …The second in the series, from the author of The Istanbul Puzzle.

Behind Lady Tunshuq’s Palace in the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem, archaeologist, Max Keiser, has been found dead.

In the same city, Doctor Susan Hunter who was translating an ancient script discovered in Istanbul, is missing.

With his girlfriend Isabel Sharp, Sean Ryan is about to piece together the mystery of his colleague Max’s death and Susan’s disappearance. But as they explore the ancient and troubled city, they soon find themselves drawn into a dangerous and deadly game of fire.

A taut thriller in the tradition of Dan Brown and Robert Harris.

So far, excellent, I read 50% all in one go, until my eyes just couldn´t stay open any longer.  It has the same characters: Sean & Isabel who are now a couple living together in London.  Max Keiser has been found dead rather brutally in Jerusalem and Dr. Susan Hunter has also gone missing in Jerusalem so they travel there to try to find out what has been going on. They meet new people and generally get into trouble. haha

They travel from London to Jerusalem to Cairo and back to Jerusalem.

But when Isabel also goes missing in Jerusalem Sean is desperate to get her back  and it turns into a hunt to find Susan and Isabel, this part is a little long winded. Of course, we know that they are still both alive but Sean doesn´t and each hour he is more desperate. I found this part to be a little tedious. But as you can imagine it does turn out all well saving both Isabel and Susan.

This is the second of the puzzle series and yes I will read the third when it comes out. CLICK HERE for the first book review. CLICK HERE for the third in the series

2 thoughts on “The Jerusalem Puzzle – Laurence O´Bryan

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