The City of Lost Secrets – Katie McVay

The City of Lost Secrets: A Mara Beltane MysteryScholars have written off the Talpiot tomb as an ancient Jewish burial cave, not the rumored lost tomb of Jesus. But even today, thirty years after its discovery in Jerusalem, the mystery remains unsolved. Now novelist Mara Beltane, desperate to reinvent her career and escape memories of a failed marriage, hopes to prove the rumor is true and turn it into a best-selling thriller.

While in Jerusalem, Mara’s research is thwarted by Israeli archeologists intent on protecting the tomb—and complicated by her feelings for Dr. Uri Nevon, a handsome professor and biblical scholar with a hidden past who aids her research. But Mara keeps digging, and soon enough—with Uri at her side—she finds evidence that could prove the tomb is indeed the final resting place of Jesus, a revelation that would rock Christianity to its core. As the stakes grow higher, and with authorities closing in on them, Mara must face the question that brought her to Jerusalem in the first place: Are the rewards of writing a best-seller worth the risks of revealing long-buried secrets—secrets that will jeopardize her career…and her life?

My Review. I had high hopes for this, a short 226 page book, first in the Mara Beltane mysteries. Mara Beltane is a chick lit novelist looking to change he style a bit, so after seeing a documentary on a tomb that may or not be the final resting place of Jesus, she travels to Jerusalem to find out for herself and to research her new book.

Unfortunately the writing is awful, it is  not a very thrilling book, the author repeats things a lot, often within a few pages, this was as if it was aimed at a younger audience. There was also the bit in the book when Mara discovered she was being followed by the chief of police, i am sure the chief is not the correct person to follow someone (even if he is a husband of one of the other characters) and even so he was awful at it, Mara discovered him right away.  There is also the part where the reader discovers the romance between Uri and Mara from an email, this just does n´t seem right to me.

It is a very, very light read, no depth in it at all, i got to 70 % (kindle edition) and decided to carry on just because I was nearly there, but it really wasn’t´worth it. But if you need a light short read, it might suit you just fine. But not me.

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