Tidal Force – Erik Daniel Boudreau

Info from Gooreads.com, please scroll down for my review, beware, may contain spoilers.

Disheartened former psychiatric researcher Dr. Richard Elliott spends his days sifting through some of Washington, D.C.’s more unfortunate crime victims, while trying to forget the life he left behind. Until a series of mysterious suicides puts him at the heart of a shocking White House scandal and a scientific discovery that could change the world. Finding his own life now very much in danger, Richard realizes that the key to unlocking the mystery lies with his former colleague—and ex-fiancée—Dr. Diane Foster.

My review. 3 ½ stars out of 4, I gave the book this because it is actually a good read, it is fast paced well written and certainly keeps you on your toes. If you enjoy this type of books I highly recommend it.

Summary: A series of mysteries suicides unite Richard a psychologist, his ex girlfriend Diane and Gabriel, both scientists and the President of the United States in a fast paced thriller that will be difficult to put down. The book takes you from the USA to Madagascar and Reunion Island.

The books starts off with a bang and gets you right into it and with this it leaves you with questions. Unfortunately from there onwards I thought it was a little slow go get going, here the author spends plenty of time on the background of each character, maybe there will be future books with the same characters, but on a couple of occasions I thought it was a little too much. Although there are some very good well though out descriptions. The different story lines (Richard, Gabriel, Diane and the President) take a little too long to unite.

Once it does gets going it is fasted paced full of action and thrills, there are shortish chapters that I particularly enjoy, which makes it easy to put down if necessary, each chapter finishes on a high and make you want to read another chapter to find out what happens.

The book is very entertaining and interesting, a nail bitter, with plenty of action, you don´t find out who the goodies and the baddies are right up until the very end. Unfortunately the cover or the title don´t have much to do with the book. I would read future books by the same author.


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