Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural – Paula Cappa

Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the SupernaturalInfo from, please scroll down for my review, beware, may contain spoilers.

There’s no such thing as a dream within a dream. Poe was wrong. Dreams are deep shadows between reality and illusion. In the haunted Abasteron House, artist Kip Livingston dreams of a mysterious winged being, all bone and muscle and greedy teeth plunged out. Until one night when her dreams break through the illusion and the nightmares become reality.

The characters:
Kip Livingston is a stunning young artist living alone in Abasteron House on Horn Island, painting her dreams every day. But inside this antique house by the sea, another power rules her nights. What does this fierce winged creature want? Is it haunting her from the secrets of her past … or for her destiny?

Raymond Kera, a priest exiled to Horn Island, falls for the seductive Kip Livingston but risks his own sanity when her nightmares invade his dreams. Raymond knows these dark angels who dominate and the demons of his past—the road to hell is paved with the skulls of priests. With his vows violated, Ray must choose between God and the human love he so desperately desires.

Garcia the Prophet, Raymond’s mentor, has firsthand experience with the alternate consciousness of dream power. Garcia is a rebellious visionary, possessed by a mystical power and the all-consuming desires of deceit, power, and murder. This conflict propels him to abandon all he loves and seek heaven or hell.

On Horn Island, inside Abasteron House … a tale of the supernatural where the night journey ends beneath the ghost-grey sea.

Summary: The book takes place in Chicago and Horn Island. Kip Livingston is an artist who lives at Abasteron House on Horn Island, she spends her time painting her dreams of angels and demons, but when the dreams become real there is only one way to stop it each time. She meets Raymond Kara, a priest who has been exiled to Horn Island to complete the building of a church. He falls for the artist, but gets confused when her nightmares invade his dreams.
Garcia the Prophet, also a priest who is Raymond’s mentor, also has rather unusual visions.

I give the book 1 ½ star. I really didn´t like this book much at all. This was a very difficult book to finish although I did with a bit of a struggle. Unfortunately I just couldn´t get into the book. I was confused for the better part of the time, the mixture of characters who don´t seem to fit in together, the excessive religion which I was not expecting and which I am not familiar with. I wanted to only give it one star but the writing is good so for that I give it the extra ½ star.

What I did enjoy about the book were the descriptions. which are stunning, making the dreams seem real, the descriptions of the paintings are also stunning, making you almost see them. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of Horn Island, making me want to visit.

I would imagine that this book would appeal to readers who are interested in dreams and religion, as it raises a whole set of issues of demons, angels, heaven and hell. It really didn´t affect me in any way, but I can see how it could affect some readers.
My overall conclusion is that I didn´t enjoy the book although I did enjoy the descriptions. But I don´t have much interest in reading future books my the same author.

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