A New Dawn Rising – Michael Joseph

A Nea new dawn risingw Dawn Rising by Michael Joseph

I give this book 1 out of 4 stars. I don´t recommend reading it.

 Summary from goodreads.com scroll down for my review: Sam an ex cop moves to a smaller town to help escape his past. He gets nightmares each night that the author keeps describing but it is a little over the top. After some time Sam runs out of money and needs to find a job. He happens to be in the right place at the right time, at least that’s what he thought, when Carl came along and offered him a job protecting him as he is getting threatening phone calls and is worried they might turn into something real but Sam works under the disguise of being Carl´s driver, within a couple of days Carl is killed and the police think Sam is the killer. Sam then need to do some investigating of him own.

My Review. I think the author wants the books to be a gripping thriller, but he fails miserably. It is predictable, boring, dull and unemotional. There is a lack of description in the book, although it does detail Sam´s background, only it takes rather a long time to develop and requires some guessing work.

Eventually the reader finds out why Sam is getting all the nightmares. It is particularly boring and I was going to give up at around 50 % but then it got a little more exciting so I kept going, just to see who had done it more than anything, I guessed correctly early on so the ending was a little disappointing. I did finish the book although there were a few occasions when I wanted to give up because the characters are dull, there is nothing special, unusual or gripping about them and the story is also rather dull.

The intended audience would be anyone who enjoy a crime novel, unfortunately it is a theme that has so many well known authors that do a stunning job that it is difficult that anyone might choose this over them.

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