Behold a Dark Mirror by Theophilus Axxe

Behold a Dark MirrorBehold a Dark Mirror by Theophilus Axxe

Paperback, 330 pages

Published January 31st 2013 by Zum Ze Publishing (first published December 10th 2012)

ISBN 0988720515 (ISBN13: 9780988720510)
edition language; English

Genre: Science Fiction and fantasy

The setting that Theophilus Axxe has created is wonderful with some great explanations and descriptions, the book is set in the future although the exact year is known. Teleportation has been invented and inhabitants can now teleport between places and even between different planets. Could this be a future of Earth?

Jenus is one of the main characters, and also my favourite one, leads a quiet life as a successful chemist until he makes a bad gambling decision and then it gets turned upside down.

Nero on the other hand is a less believable character, he also has had a life changing event and decides to spend some time on a deserted planet.

The two-story lines take far too long to join together, but when they do the story really takes off and is nicely paced. There could well be a sequel and I might just give it a go.

There is a little bit of religion which I and not very interested in at all and find it a little annoying, I find myself skipping these parts. It just goes to show how powerful religion is many years into the future and it still plays a part.

The plot is not very believable but as theme is science fiction and possibly even some fantasy then it is the author imagination that runs wild.

I might read a sequel if the author writes one.

There is a spelling error on page 22 where Jenus is referred to as Nero.

It is the authors first book.

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