BASH – Mike Bartos

bashBASH by Mike Bartos

I haven´t read a book with this subject before, the author writes about a hospital for the criminally insane, with all it´s ups and downs, there is some dark humour in the book as well as some good descriptions of the hospital and what goes on inside, some of which could be real, although the book is fiction.

There are various characters some of whom have large parts and some just small ones. This was a little confusing at times as some were introduced later on and too some time to figure out what their part was. Each character was introduced with just the correct amount of background, not too much and not too little, this was great, I really enjoyed this.

The writing style follows shifting perspectives, parts are written in the 1st person and parts in the 2nd person. It is written in the present. There is frequent medical talk which the author explains well. The story was rather predictable in one part.

My favourite character is Ash along with Doc Kerrigan. The Doc strikes me as a decent person who is trying to help another despite what might happen to him and Ash is trying his best to keep his business above water which could seem normal in this day and age.

My favourite part was the passing of the hurricane, I have never experienced a hurricane myself so the author did a great job with the descriptions, made it seem real to me. The story takes place in South Carolina and the area around Charleston, I enjoyed the way the author wrote in the southern accent, it made me feel as if I was actually listening to someone talk: “Well, how in the hay-ill am ha supposed to know how he´s doin´?”

The book is certainly a change from what I normally read, I recommend this book to anyone wanting a different subject.

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