Sarah and Liam by Nadene Seiters

sarah and liamSarah and Liam by Nadene Seiters

kindle edition,


Subject: fiction,

I give it 2 ½ stars.

Summary: Sarah has just escaped from an arranged marriage in which she was abused, she is in bad shape after escaping and when she meets Liam and from here onwards they strike up a relationship. In just a few days her life turns around with plenty of ups and downs.

A dark and very dramatic subject, very well explained, already in the first chapter the emotions run high and it starts off with a bang and make you want to read more. There are some very dramatic parts and very emotional.

The writing style is in first person and each of the two main characters narrate their story from their own point of view. It doesn´t go over the same part with each character but continues on with the story which is great.

The writing reminds me a little of some people’s time lines on Facebook, there is loads and loads of tiny little details of what each character is up too, this was fine to start with but then got a little too much, it was not necessary.

The story brings up many emotions in respect to arranged marriages and could affect some people specially if they have been or are close to someone in this unfortunate situation. I wouldn´t recommend this subject if this is the case.

Liam is just the kind of guy any gal would want, reliable, caring, thoughtful, maybe a little over protective but under the circumstances I think this is fine, he is my favourite character in the book.
Sarah has a very believable character, she is in an incredibly difficult situation, although I haven´t met personally anyone in her situation, it all seems quite real. She is a brave person to go through what she did for so long.

There are quite a few spelling/grammatical errors which could be corrected.

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