Disempowered – Pamela Beasley


A very powerful and emotional novel based on a true story. Written in the first person. There are some strong characters. The first few chapters covering Pam´s background were a little slow (but still interesting and also they were required to understand the novel) and maybe could have been shortened, once you got passed this the book got much more captivating and was difficult to put down. I felt awful for Pam and the things that have happened to her. It certainly raises issues with the system in the country.

Highly recommended for readers who enjoy prison and autobiographical novels. A very interesting story that I finished in only one day, it certainly kept my attention from wandering to my real life. The author gets her point through to the reader about the awful system.

My favourite character has to be Pam as she is taken on a roller coaster ride of emotion and keeps her head up high and hold herself high under the circumstances.

I didn´t notice any spelling or grammatical errors which is great. My favourite part was the ending, but would have enjoyed knowing if Pam was able to have justice or not, although I understand why she ended it the way she did.

The reason I give it 3 ½ stars is because it is a very enjoyable novel, interesting and compelling. I recommend a 2.99 USD cost because of the same reasons as above.

This is her first novel. I was not keen on the cover though, the photo of the women doesn´t seem real to me.

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