Curse of Wexkia by Dale Furse

wexkiaebook, 189 pages
Published April 30th 2012 by Dale Furse
edition language: English
Fantasy / Science Fiction / YA

Summary: Nell lives with her Dad in an idyllic beach house and has lived there all her life, she is about to turn seventeen and wants to go off to collage, but her Dad has other ideas. Suddenly her world changes from one day to the next and she discovers things about herself and her family that she never expected. It is the first of a series.

It is a very entertaining book. An exciting start traps the reader right from the beginning. It then continues throughout the whole book with much excitement and some of the best descriptions I have come across in a while. Nicely fast paced with loads going on. There are a variety of mysterious people, and some make you wonder if they are on Nell’s side or not. There are plenty of emotions running wild, mainly from Nell but also the other characters.

I loved all the locations in the book, but most of all the beach setting in the beginning, makes me want to live there myself.
I have two favourite parts in the book, the stunning descriptive part when Nell and the other characters are swimming underwater and the journey in the skark, (what is a skark? I hear you ask, well you will have to read the book to find out). I couldn’t decide which of these was my favourite so I included them both.
It is a nice easy read.

The only thing I would possibly suggest is a change to the cover, it gives off the impression that it is for even young readers, although the books is aimed at a young adult audience but this is probably only because the main character is a teenager, don´t let this put you off, if you enjoy a wild fantasy ride to other planets and learning about other civilizations then this is the book for you.

Update: there is a new cover and name for this. It is now simply called Curse and below is the new cover.  You can also read the review for Secret (Wexkia Trilogy, part 2)


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