Johnny Vegas – The Death of Innocence by T. L. Huston

johnny vegas

Info from scroll down for my review, beware it may contain spoilers.

When the gates of hell are breached, and evil men evade the halls of justice, the Organization calls on Johnny Vegas. Johnny delivers a savage brand of poetic justice that is swift, painful, and biblical in its application. Devoted to what he believes is his destiny, Johnny’s life is consumed with death, destruction, and loneliness—-until a chance encounter challenges everything he believes in and threatens to expose the Organization.

This book was definitely a surprise which I thoroughly enjoyed, when I first read the blurb I didn´t really know what to expect but it was a very good book.

It is written in the first person from a point of view as if you were watching it on the movies or on TV, there is a lack of descriptions and the plot often jumps from one person to the next with no separation, you need to be well focused or it could get confusing, but it is not too difficult to follow.
It is an exciting fast paced thriller that has various characters who take their turns in being the lead character, a little different from most books but I enjoyed it all the same.

The end of the book leaves a big question mark as you are left to figure it out yourself, I am not sure if there is a sequel yet, if there is I would be interested in reading it. There is also a bit of an unusual ending with the shoot-out, I am not sure if the father-daughter issue should terminate in this way. I am not sure I enjoyed this ending.

Johnny´s time in Belize was my favourite part as I am a huge fan of travel and would love to visit. The author covered just the right amount of Johnny´s background, not too much, not too little.

The subject of the book was very interesting, it depends on each persons to decide if the organization is doing the right thing or not, but interesting all the same. There is also loads of emotions going on with Johnny as you learn about his past.

The name of Johnny Vegas isn´t the best name for a main character in a book, but I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys thrillers.

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