When Pigs Flu….. by Jake McKenzie

When Pigs Flu...Summary from goodreads.com, scroll down for my review.

Based on an actual event –the inadvertent shipping of pathogenic H2N2 strains world-wide, this thriller is the suspenseful tale of missing samples falling into the wrong hands. Despite her best efforts, heroine, SGT Maria Alvarez, USMC, is thwarted by all too common government bungling that dooms her mission impossible. Once Pandora’s box has been opened, can the pathogens ever be returned? Despite the concerted efforts of the military, international police, and medical experts, the risk of pandemic surprisingly comes from a most unexpected source.

There is a wonderful variety of characters, from Navajo born Maria, a marine sent to find the missing virus samples, to young kids surviving in the streets of Jakarta and Talal a Jordanian living in Amman trying to get his life back in order. You might ask what they all have in common?

The book is based on actual events, but there is no information on the internet about this, and it would be interesting to know where or how the author got this information from. The book is also written in parts, a little like a documentary, which I am not keen on. There are various grammatical errors.

I did enjoy the interesting background and descriptions of the tough life living in the slums of Amman and Jakarta.

There are plenty of descriptions and thoughts from all the characters which puts you right inside their heads. You can actually feel and sense what is going on. I really enjoyed this.

The book summary says it is all about finding some virus samples from a missing box sent to Jakarta but there are very long parts where there is nothing to with this, but mainly following the rescue of the person sent to find the missing virus, this section goes on too long and gets a little tedious in parts. From there on you follow more of her life but still there are gaping holes, although we (the readers) know where the missing vials are, the US Military have no idea, they seem to think they have been recovered. Then ending also was a little sudden, the story finished rather abruptly, but it does give you the idea there could be a sequel which I would give a miss. This book is a great candidate to be made into a film.

Unfortunately I don´t recommend this book unless you are interested in military style books.

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