Watchers of the Night by Matthew Keith

watchers of the nightSummary from scroll down for my review: Paul Bennett doesn’t realize that his sleep disorder is actually a gift that allows him to travel the night free of his body. That is, not until he is approached by a member of Astralis; an organization funded by the government that uses people with his talent to gather information for the greater good.

At Astralis, Paul finds inclusion and friendship on a level that he’d never had the chance to experience and begins to believe that Astralis could provide a new life for him. It isn’t long, however, before he realizes that Astralis is an organization under siege from within. Paul finds himself forced to either choose a side or leave Astralis forever.

ebook, Smashwords, 322 pages

Published April 28th 2013 by Smashwords

ISBN13 9781301305520
edition language: english.

The book is YA/adventure/mystery. I give this book 3 ½ out of 5 stars.
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The author´s imagination is wonderful, he creates a world that could or not exist, after all it is all about gathering information. The author does a stunning job of describing Astralis it seems like I am actually walking through the building and it´s passageways. There are a variety of characters each has his or her own unique abilities and characteristics, my favourite person in the book is Paul who is the main character, he is thoughtful, calm and very insightful. Paul has some interesting moments in the books with his co-workers, some positive and some negative. My favourite part is the description of Mr Paine, in the beginning, the description really formed a superb image in my mind of who Mr Paine is.

There is plenty of dialogue explaining the ins and outs of the organization, this does go on a little in parts the overall it is not too much, there is plenty of mystery, which also leads you to the fact that there is a sequel.

The book is aimed at a young adult audience but don´t let that put you off if you are an adult, it is a great book, a fluid read, with minimal grammatical and spelling errors, I would recommend this book and I would also read the sequel that is due out sometime in 2014.

For more information please visit the authors website CLICK HERE 

Update, the author has since change the cover, IMHO it is much better, see below. watchers1

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