The Leveling – Dan Mayland

the levelingSummary from scroll down for my review, it may contain spoilers.

1612183360 (ISBN13: 9781612183367)
300 pages

These days, Mark Sava spends more time in tutoring sessions than in cloak-and-dagger rendezvous. The former CIA station chief of Azerbaijan has settled into the modest life of a professor in Baku…until an assassin makes a brazen attempt on his life in the hallowed halls of the national library.

The Azeri government deems Sava, with his complex past, a security threat and orders him out of the country immediately. At the same time, the CIA orders Sava back to the US. But when he receives cryptic photos that lead him to believe his friend John Decker has been kidnapped—Sava knows he has no option but to find Decker.

He teams up with ex–CIA spy and former girlfriend Daria Buckingham, and the two soon find themselves being chased by Chinese intelligence agents through the underworlds of Turkmenistan and Iran, caught in the middle of a secret conflict over oil that has the US and Iran tumbling headlong into war.

Filled with the espionage intrigue and pulse-pounding action that made The Colonel’s Mistake a runaway hit, The Leveling brings to life in electrifying detail one of the most dangerous regions of the globe.

My Review. I was given an ARC for an honest review.

It is one of those books that you can´t put down, but you don´t want to finish as you want more.

A wonderful sequel from Dan Mayland (the first in the Mark Sava series is called The Colonel´s Mistake) it is really a joy to read a book where the action takes place in Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, something a little different for me, and the best of all are the photos of some of the places that Mark visits on the website of Dan Mayland, they really bring the book to life, wonderful. I wish more authors would do this. There are also a bunch of maps in the extras section which also help understand the area.

The author clearly has a great knowledge of the area and the descriptions of the cities and areas make you feel as if you are actually there, wandering around yourself. It is a nice easy book to read and for those who are unsure of the technical words in the book there is a glossary online at the authors website. It is full of action, fast paced with some rather graphic violence in parts. The other great part about it, is that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Although this is the second in the series there is enough information in it to be able to read as a standalone book.

Mark is my favourite character, and my favourite parts are all the descriptions of the locations, this is a part of the world I am very interested in visiting.

Highly recommended to anyone who loves spy thrillers and also to people who are interested in reading about the Middle East. I can´t wait for the next Mark Sava book. And for anyone who enjoys a good authors website this one is great, loads of extras, well worth checking out. I am looking forward to a new Sava adventure. Read my reviews of The Colonel´s Mistake and Spy for Hire. Read an interview with the author.


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