Life of a Double Agent – Kenneth J Kerr

life of a double agentOh dear, what can I say, I had high hopes for this one, spies, I thought, cool, I thought, but no, there is nothing interesting about this at all, it is boring, slow, repetitive and just generally dull. I had problems with the writing, it is documentary style, with no descriptions, no excitement, just “Jim went here, did this, talked to so and so, there is no action at all in regards to being a spy, OK, so not all spies are like James Bond, but I had expected something more. There is a lot if writing in the book that is not necessary, for example, we don´t need to know that on page 377 Jim negotiated an acceptable price with the taxi driver to take him home, for me it is just not necessary to add to the book and it happens over and over again.
There are also times in the book where there are acronyms for companies, but there is no explanation of which company it is.

There is no depth to the novel. It is supposed to be a suspense thriller, but there is nothing suspenseful or thrilling about it. Unfortunately the ending is also without emotion, it just finishes and that’s that, it doesn´t give any information on the rest of Jim’s life, this would have been interesting, the author doesn´t elaborate.

The best part about it is all the travel Jim undertakes, Russia, Vietnam, Japan, and the list goes on. I also enjoyed the list of characters at the end of the book, although this might have been better at the front rather than the end. This could have been a good book, but it isn´t. I don´t recommend this book. I give this book 1 star.


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