Special Guest Interview – Layton Green

layton green I had the pleasure of interviewing indie author Layton Green for the release of his latest Dominic Grey novel, The Diabolist, the third in the series. I have read and reviewed the first two: The Summoner and The Egyptian. 

These three books,  were my big surprise this year, I read The Summoner and The Egyptian back to back, and was completely thrilled with them, they are two of my favourite books I have read to far this year.

The Diabolist is the third in a series of Dominic Grey, will there be any more book in the future with Dominic as a main character?

I plan to write Dominic Grey novels for a very, very long time.

What are you writing at the moment?

I just finished an urban fantasy, and am now working on the fourth Dominic Grey novel.

You write about religion and cults, all thing spiritual and supernatural.  Where did it all come from? What inspired you to write these books with this topic?

 I have a very strong interest in religion, the occult, and everything in between and beyond. I especially love those hidden nooks and crannies endemic to religion and the occult, those shadowy areas that stir the imagination.

 Which of the three Dominic Grey books is your favourite and why?

Sorry, I can’t pick one! They’re all like children, and each is my favorite in a different way.

the diabolist You travel a fair amount, what is your favourite country?

Another unfair question . . . I’m one of those travelers that like pretty much anyplace I haven’t been before. But some of the countries I return to are England, Czech Republic, Italy, Zimbabwe and Costa Rica.

You can buy the Dominic  Grey series here

You can get in touch with him here

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