Wisdom – Bonnie Watson

wisdomSummary from goodreads.com scroll down for my review, it may contain spoilers. Raised in a secluded cottage, Keith has only ever known the outside world through the travels of his father. Yet that all changes when he’s forced from the comforts of his family home into a world only envisioned. Now stranded in a thief’s paradise, he begins to entwine the lives of others on a very personal and timely quest to discover the truth behind his secretive upbringing.

Meet a half-breed Black Wing seeking his captive mother in the human realms in order to escape his pure-blood family; an alchemist wielding a newfound power he hopes will make him the magic-user he has always wished to be; a Healer seeking to destroy the very foundation which lead to the division of his people; and two sister unicorns – one Pure and one Dark.

Together, Keith will discover his connection to a nearly forgotten race, and a cycle in Nature that needs to be preserved before time runs out.

My Review. YA, dystopian, adventure, 284 pages, published October 5, 2010

It would have been nice to have a little background before his parents die. The descriptions of Lexington and the Master Thief in the beginning are thrilling and exciting, reminding me a little of Oliver when he first arrived in London.

There are two-story lines. And at first you have no idea how and when they will intertwine, but of course they eventually they do.

The level of imagination is just great, there are stunning rich descriptions for both humans and animals and the worlds they live in.

There is a map at the beginning of the book which I referred to on various occasions, but the best map is at the website of the books, www.wisdomnovels.com although be careful as it contains spoilers.

There are multiple main characters, Keith, Blackaver, ( I wish he had a longer part in the book) Jenario, Corrigan each character is to different and unique. (Although Keith has to be the most important of them all). To have multiple characters is different for me, I usually read books with one main character, but it works all the same. Different characters are also introduced as the book goes on.

There is just non stop action, couldn´t put the book down, I finished it in one sitting. Detail, detail, detail, just love it. I did so love the character Blackaver, although he might not be someone to look up to due to his choice of work, but he certainly has a soft caring side to him. And I preferred the side of the story with Keith, I just submerged into this world. Jenario is another great character, dark and mysterious.

One of the problems I would like to add is that there are no descriptions of the characters that have been invented, so although imagination is the way to go, it would have been nice to read a full description from the author.

On the plus side the cover art work in stunning. It would make a darn good movie. This book totally surprised me in a very good way, I don´t often read fantasy books, but this was well worth it.

Page 87 “inching” should be itching.

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