The Tower – Simon Toyne

the towerebook, 487 pages The book is already out in the UK, due out in USA the 11th of June. 2013

Summary from, scroll down for my review, may contain spoilers.

After the rise comes the fall

When a cyber-attack at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland disables the Hubble telescope and the Nobel Prize–winning scientist in charge disappears, the only clues left behind are a cryptic countdown clock and a chilling message displayed on the missing man’s computer: Mankind Must Look No Further.

Newly appointed FBI agent Joe Shepherd, a former academic star with degrees in astrophysics and computer science, is uniquely qualified to handle the investigation, but he is also hiding some secrets of his own. He discovers a note in the missing scientist’s handwriting that reads “end of days” and further evidence linking the cyber-attack to a series of strange events from eight months earlier—an explosion at the Citadel, an ancient monastery in Turkey; the deadly viral outbreak that occurred in its wake; and the disappearance of an American journalist named Liv Adamsen and ex–special forces operative Gabriel Mann.

Liv has been trapped in the Syrian Desert, a prisoner of the prophecy that drove her there and now whispers of terrible things to come. Gabriel, infected and tormented by the deadly virus he carried out of the Citadel, is desperate to return before it spreads.

Shepherd’s investigation takes him on a journey to the secrets at the very edge of the universe and also deep into his own past as the countdown clock continues and extraordinary events begin to manifest around the globe—animals migrating out of season, extreme weather battering the planet, people deserting the cities as they answer a growing urge to return to their original homes. In this exhilarating conclusion to the internationally bestselling Ruin trilogy, one woman’s destiny weaves the past and present together in a way that will change the future for us all. But what is the “end of days” and what does it really mean for humankind—will it be revelation or devastation?

A thrilling finish to the trilogy, (Sanctus & The Key are the first and second in the trilogy).

Another great novel, Simon Toyne has achieved what loads of aspiring writers want, success, his novels have been translated into 27 languages and sold in 40 countries, this is amazing, this is his third novel.

You need to read them in order or they won´t make sense, so start with Sanctus and then read The Key, they are both action packed and past paced like the last in the trilogy.

The Tower is a lot longer than the other two, I guess if it wasn´t then the trilogy would be longer. Gabriel is your ultimate hero in a sense, strong, handsome, loyal. He does what needs to be done to save Liv and plenty of others. And it pays off in the end.

The negative side to the novel is the Gabriel and Liv, (who are the main characters in the previous two books) are pushed to one side a little in favour of a rookie FIB agent and his partner following up an attack on the Hubble telescope and the destruction of the next, bigger and better telescope.

The end is nothing special though, the goodies catch and/or kill the baddies. I guess there is no other ending in a sense. And someone dies, yes, I guess it was inevitable, but it was sad all the same.

As to be expected of an author published by HarperCollins there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors so you won´t get frustrated when reading it. And the cover is just perfect as are the covers of Sanctus and The Key.

Recommended, specially if you have already read the first two, you will want to finish the series.

Read my review of Sanctus and The Key

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