Guest Interview – C. Martin Stepp

C. Martin Stepp is the author of two books so far, Walking Backwards and Two Thursdays. My reviews will come soon. He very kindly answered a few questions for me.

c martin stepp

1-. Humour is a very hard genre to write, where did you get your ideas from?

Humour is hard to write, and even harder to edit.  If I can still laugh at one of my own jokes after reading it for the fourth time, I suppose it’s a good one.  Some pretty funny jokes have been edited out when I fail to find them humorous myself on the second or third read.

2-. Hitchcock Brown is the main character from your first two books, and interesting name, how did you come up with it?

It isn’t ever discussed in the book.  Hitchcock got his name from his parents.  It’s also a nod to the talented director who made movies where you had to go around a topic a few times to get to the core.  I like the fact that this relationship is never spelled out in black and white.
3-. Do you write full time, if not what you do for a living?

I design and sell commercial sound systems.  I write when my muse visits me on those rare occasions.

4-. What are you writing now?

I am in the process of bashing out the third installment of the Hitchcock Brown series “Deadbolt.”  I like it so far.  My dedicated readers will like it.  It brings back some characters from earlier installments.  When that is done, I would like to take a break and veer off in another direction.  I envisioned the Hitchcock Brown books as a trilogy from the beginning.

5-. What are your thoughts on self publishing?

Compared to what?  Begging some agent or publishing house to even read your work?  It’s kind of a two-way street.  I’m published, and selling books, but without some advertising or promotion perks.  As an otherwise unknown author, I would probably be spending my time sending queries to agents and publishers.  I think I prefer the direct route.  You can buy one of my books now.

6-. Were can I get a copy of your books?

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