Two Thursdays – C. Martin Stepp

two thursdaysHitchcock Brown is a private investigator. In Two Thursdays, the Chief of police asks him for his help routing out a major drug problem in Cincinnati. It’s a problem which may involve members of his own department. They both learn it involves a lot more than that. Part two of the series.

My Review. Hitchcook Brown the coffee loving PI is back with another case, but this time he is helping his long time friend Grildpork, the chief of Police. In Cincinnati. Yet again it is a hilarious novel with loads going on, with plenty of coffee stops for Brown, written from the point of Hitchcock, this second book in the series, can be read as a standalone book or not, that depends whether you get a hold of Walking Backwards first. It is a shortish with only 139 pages, so it can be read quickly.

This is a much better novel and you can see how much the author has grown.
The imagination of the author is great and Brown gets himself into all sorts of trouble. There is some great knowledge of the music scene in Cincinnati as the private investigator goes undercover.

It is great to read a book like this with no violence or blood.

The ending to the book is so much better than Walking Backwards, and most certainly finished with a bang.

Hitchcock and the Chief of Police are two nice guys who are genuinely interested in helping other people.

C. Martin Stepp has started what could be a long series with Hitchcock Brown, and I hope the relationship keeps going strong for a long time.

There is a third book being written at the moment called Deadbolt. Read my review of part one in the series. Walking Backwards

You can get in touch with the author at these links:

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