Visits – John Phelps

visitsThe Blurb from, scroll down for my review.

Tony Lansing has just killed a young woman.
He’d never killed anyone before even though he’d met plenty of people who deserved it. He just never had the nerve. For sixty years, it had always been easier to turn the other cheek; to turn tail and run.
But not any more.
Now he knows he can stand up for himself. He doesn’t need to take everything that life dishes out.
He can push back.
He can get even.
And … getting even feels pretty damn good.
So he makes a list of all the people in his life who’ve done him wrong. His ex-wife, a former lover or two, an old friend … they all make the list.
But as Tony pays unexpected and very unwelcome visits to old acquaintances, he learns that getting even has a price. A price much higher than he’s willing to pay.

My Review: The book is cleverly written, the title and the cover are well thought out. It is an easy book to read if you don´t mind the subject, it often gets a little gorey as the author writes how Tony murders and gets even. It is not a book for the faint hearted. Tony is the main character and is really the only character as the rest get killed off. There is plenty of background to understand why he does what he does, and it almost makes it seems right. There is plenty of detail on Tony´s thought, as he plans the murders. As you read Tony gets better and better at what he does.

And the deal with the spear gun is just hilarious. There is also some humour at times which put a smile onto my face.

The book is also an easy read, easy to pick up and put down, great for those with busy life styles.

And Bub, well Bub is a great addition to the book, you just have to read it to know what I mean.

You will often wonder if Tony gets caught or if the police get a sniff at him, the author writes in such a way that it will keep you wondering. There are also some heart wrenching moments.

The revelation close to the end will blow you away. The ending is surprising, caught me unawares, well worth a read, I hope the author has a great future in writing.

You can get in touch with the author here:

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