The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul ( A Cup of Friendship) by Deborah Rodriguez

the little coffee shop of kabulThe blurb from, scroll down for my review.

After hard luck and heartbreak, Sunny finally finds a place to call home—in the middle of an Afghanistan war zone. There, the thirty-eight-year-old serves up her American hospitality to the expats who patronize her coffee shop, including a British journalist, a “danger pay” consultant, and a wealthy and well-connected woman. True to her name, Sunny also bonds with people whose language and landscape are unfamiliar to most Westerners, but whose hearts and souls are very much like our own: the maternal Halajan, who vividly recalls the days before the Taliban and now must hide a modern romance from her ultratraditional son; and Yazmina, a young Afghan villager with a secret that could put everyone’s life in jeopardy. In this gorgeous first novel, New York Times bestselling author Deborah Rodriguez paints a stirring portrait of a faraway place where—even in the fog of political and social conflict—friendship, passion, and hope still exist. 
Originally published as A Cup of Friendship

I found this to be a delightful chick lit. I only read chick lit from time to time when I find a book that stays with me, and this will for some time. It is very well written. A book about 5 women from different backgrounds who learn to live with the difficulties that life challenges them with.

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The adventures of Catrine and the Devil II – Review by Dave Smith – Originally posted on the Copenhagen Post

‘The adventures of Catrine and the Devil IIStephen Attia the author of ‘The adventures of Catrine and the Devil II asked me share this review of this book on my blog. Here is a link to the review.

It sounds like it might be the sequel to Fay Weldon’s ‘The Life and Loves of a She-Devil’, which is probably why I first picked up this book whilst browsing through Cafe Paludan on Fiolstræde.

And my curiosity was further aroused when I noticed that the writer, Stephan Attia, like me, is a fellow refugee of love – an international who moved to Denmark to encounter limited prospects of employment and vulnerability at home. Had somebody written an entire book specifically targeted at my situation?

Granted, the curious narrative style looked daunting: pages and pages of text without paragraphs – a stream of consciousness with nowhere to breathe. I paused, reluctant to read, but then I remembered my own leap of faith – the one I made when I moved to Denmark.

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11 Pearls of Wisdom: Various Messages II by Stephan Attia

11 pearls of wisdomPublisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (June 11, 2013)

This is a very interesting spiritual, non fiction book, a short book with only 58 pages with 11 chapters each one a different story but at then end they are all the same: do the right thing in life.

They are nicely written very clear messages as to what is right and wrong or the divine as the author puts it.

I wasn´t sure when I first choose to read this as it is a little different for me, but once I got started I finished it on one sitting, finding myself totally relaxing while reading and if you feel you need reminding of the good things in life then this is a fast simple read which will make you reflect on life and hopefully make the correct choices.

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Effective Online Book Marketing – Guest Post By Jasmine Roy

4 Mistakes to Avoid for Effective Online Book Marketing

Are you looking for a simple and efficient technique to promote your book in the market? Then, online book marketing would prove to be an ideal technique to promote your book in an effective way. Due to various developments in the technology and easy access to the web a large number of authors and publications prefer to go for online book marketing. With new authors and book publications venturing in the market, an increase is observed in the promotion of new books over the web. However, many authors do not have proper knowledge of internet marketing skills. As a result, they tend to make some mistakes due to which several influential authors fail to promote their explicit books over the web. Some of the common mistakes that most of the good authors tend to make and fail to market their book effectively online are as stated below.

  1. Incompetent Keyword Research

As a matter of fact, the keyword research is the chief requirement for online book promotion. However, making use of the keywords does not mean to stuff them in the content. Several authors do not have good experience in marketing strategies and hence they are not able to think the way promoters think with respect to marketing. The authors are unable to find, target and finally draft a perfect list of keywords and phrases.

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Special Guest Interview Peter Donovan author of Legacy

peter donovanAutor Bio: Peter Donovan was born in the beautiful and historic City of Bath, England in 1974.  After 30 years living in the United Kingdom, he emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2005 where he now lives with his wife Joanne and his two British Blue cats, Cobalt and Sapphire. Peter has worked as an Aircraft Engineer and a Power Station Operator. He has always been interested in science, both fact and fiction. From an early age he remembers pulling things to pieces and trying to improve them, driving his mother and father to distraction; only later in life learning how things went back together again! Peter’s wife of 14 years, has listened to many weird and wonderful ideas that Peter thought would make a good story. Eventually her comment, “For Christ’s sake stop talking about it and write it!” gave him the nudge he needed to begin.

“In a few short years, I’ve been into space with the help of the Chinese, seen the end of the world, averted disaster in the US, rebuilt a space shuttle and now I’ve won the lottery and travelled in time. The life of an author never gets boring!”

2012 Nibiru Rising, was his first published book in paperback. Peter has since gone on to publish 2013 Nibiru’s Shadow, also in paperback  and has released 2012, 2013, Legacy and now Aeon as eBooks. He is currently working on his fifth novel Duplicity, the sequel to Aeon.

Do you have a favourite character of those you have invented?

Most of my characters are amalgamations of people I know or have seen, those small traits that you notice in others when out on the street. I try to make them able to do the things I can’t, or say the things you ordinarily couldn’t get away with. My favourite character with this light easy going air is from my latest book Aeon. She is called Alice. She is Australian, early twenties and smart, although she doesn’t show it. She says what she thinks and has no pretence. A quality we all wish we had more of.

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The Bridge by Kay Bratt

the bridgeBlurb from, scroll down for my review.In present day China, an old woman’s house sits opposite an ancient bridge. Not just any bridge–but a special one because it has always been known as The Lucky Bridge. In olden days it was said that to walk over it during a marriage ceremony, or at the beginning of the New Year would bring the traveler good luck. Because of its reputation, over the years it has also become a popular place for young mothers to abandon their children. What to some may seem cruel is in reality their final gift to their offspring–one last chance to send them off to their new destinies with luck on their side. Jing, an old woman, is the unofficial and often reluctant guardian of the bridge. When no one else will, Jing steps in to prevent the children from frostbite, abuse and hunger, and then she delivers them safely to the orphanage. This has been her routine for many years, but what does Jing do when the latest child, a blind boy, burrows deep into her heart?

This is the first book I have read by Kay and I am already looking for more. Gosh what a heart wrenching book, brought tears of sadness and joy, this is a short story, easily read in one sitting, with only a few characters, but were real and described in depth, and with some stunning descriptions about the few places visited in the book, I could almost visualise and smell it. It seemed incredibly real.

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Theodore Boone The Activist by John Grisham

theodore boone the activistTheodore Boone, the Activist by John Grisham

The blurb from scroll down for my review.

Theodore Boone is back, and he’s facing his most dangerous case yet. As Strattenburg sits divided over a hot political and environmental issue, Theo finds himself in the middle of the battle. When he uncovers corruption beneath the surface, Theo will confront bigger risks than ever to himself and those he loves. But even face-to-face with danger, Theodore Boone will do whatever it takes to stand up for what’s right.

This is the fourth instalment of the Theo Boone series, a young wannabe lawyer, in which Theo gets involved with the opposition of the planning of a by-pass where he lives.

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Legacy by Peter Donovan

legacyLegacy by John Donovan

Science Fiction/Thriller

Short blurb: A dormant satellite is awoken after a mid-air collision and she returns to her outdated task of defending the USA from it´s cold war enemy, little does it know that there is no threat and needs to be shut down again.

The book is science fiction with a mix of thriller written about the future, but that could actually be true. This could ask many questions in regards to what is really up there in space. . I can highly recommend this book, it would appeal to anyone enjoying science fiction, thriller and space, I give it 4 stars.

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Magical Riddles, Book One, Shaking Palace by Raju Vashishta

shaking palaceShaking Palace by Raju Vashishta

genre: fantasy, mystery, younger readers

The Blurb from, scroll down for my review:

The collapse of the regime of king Blain of Galdur led to the appearance of a crisis that became a peak of the illiteracy, dishonesty, and the number of awkward policies of ruling ministers. Fortunately, the older brother of Blain, king Cedric of Medias appeared to be an outstanding and incredibly talented magician, possessing the greatest creative genius and exceptional mind. He offered help to his brother and opened fifty new schools that qualitatively differed from common ones in methods of teaching utilized there. King Blain was appointed a chairman of IDT School and given a promise to get his kingdom back after seven years. However, four students of a school would have to apply the maximum of their intelligence and brightness to solve the magical riddles of Cedric, which were the combination of sorcery, black magic and witchcraft. Thereof, solving these riddles was an extremely difficult and challenging task that put students under serious threat, in which every single mistake could cost a life. Consequently, the Magical Riddles presents an exciting picture of adventures, mystery, action and intelligence.

This is a superb book for younger readers, possibly in the 8-13 age, there is no sex, bad language or violence. The title and the cover are inviting and make you want to read it. From the title I imagine there are more books from the author on the way.

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Special Guest Interview with Donna McNicol author of Not A Whisper

donnamcnicolThanks Donna for sending me a few questions.

How do you work through self-doubts and fear?

I think starting late in life helps here. I write because I enjoy it, not because I have any special expectations of what will come from my writing. If I have a bad review, I chat with other writers and read my good reviews. Not everyone will like everything they read.
I also try to participate in Alex Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writers Support Group (#IWSG) on the first Wednesday of every month. It’s always good to read about other writer’s insecurities and have them comment on yours.

Have you always enjoyed writing?

My first memories of writing are using my little toy typewriter to create a neighborhood newspaper. I typed up each copy and sold them for ten cents. I was in 4th grade. So I guess you could say yes, I’ve always enjoyed writing.

What are you most proud of in your personal life?

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