Magical Riddles, Book One, Shaking Palace by Raju Vashishta

shaking palaceShaking Palace by Raju Vashishta

genre: fantasy, mystery, younger readers

The Blurb from, scroll down for my review:

The collapse of the regime of king Blain of Galdur led to the appearance of a crisis that became a peak of the illiteracy, dishonesty, and the number of awkward policies of ruling ministers. Fortunately, the older brother of Blain, king Cedric of Medias appeared to be an outstanding and incredibly talented magician, possessing the greatest creative genius and exceptional mind. He offered help to his brother and opened fifty new schools that qualitatively differed from common ones in methods of teaching utilized there. King Blain was appointed a chairman of IDT School and given a promise to get his kingdom back after seven years. However, four students of a school would have to apply the maximum of their intelligence and brightness to solve the magical riddles of Cedric, which were the combination of sorcery, black magic and witchcraft. Thereof, solving these riddles was an extremely difficult and challenging task that put students under serious threat, in which every single mistake could cost a life. Consequently, the Magical Riddles presents an exciting picture of adventures, mystery, action and intelligence.

This is a superb book for younger readers, possibly in the 8-13 age, there is no sex, bad language or violence. The title and the cover are inviting and make you want to read it. From the title I imagine there are more books from the author on the way.

It is a relatively short book with only around 150 pages, great for younger readers. I don´t think it would appeal to older readers, but if you want a fast easy read, which is different from most books then give it a try. There are also short chapters which make it easy to put down and pick up again, especially if an adult is reading to a child.

The author has created a magical world, with some great descriptions and some great imagination, there are moments of excitement, scary moments like with the monster Anobot, of typical teenage behaviour and of morality.

I was trying to solve the riddles along side the students, the story is quite absorbing, I finished it on one sitting.

The four main characters have equal parts, they are from different backgrounds, they have the same age, they need to work together to solve the puzzles. It is written in the third person. Henry is probably my favourite character, he is a leader, but there is no mention of this, it is just so. There isn´t a character I didn´t like, my favourite part is the escape from the Anobot, it added a little suspense and excitement to the whole book. The book covers the issue of morality, the author tries and succeeds in getting through a message: doing the right thing.

The mention to Coca Cola in the beginning is great, this is a fantasy book and Coca Cola gets a mention, isn´t it amazing the power of Coke.

The writing wasn´t top notch, but was better than other books I have read.

Overall it was a very enjoyable read. I would read a future book from this author and I recommend the book to those who enjoy fantasy, magical, mystery books. I give this 3 out of 5 stars.

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