Legacy by Peter Donovan

legacyLegacy by John Donovan

Science Fiction/Thriller

Short blurb: A dormant satellite is awoken after a mid-air collision and she returns to her outdated task of defending the USA from it´s cold war enemy, little does it know that there is no threat and needs to be shut down again.

The book is science fiction with a mix of thriller written about the future, but that could actually be true. This could ask many questions in regards to what is really up there in space. . I can highly recommend this book, it would appeal to anyone enjoying science fiction, thriller and space, I give it 4 stars.

What a great book, and I really mean it, it surprised me, not a light-weight beach book, you need to concentrate or you will lose the plot, a couple of times I was interrupted and needed to read through the page again, but it is a great book, I also think the target market is primarily male, written in the third person.
I loved the beginning of the book, I mean, how emotional can the decommissioning of a satellite be.

There aren´t too many characters, there is just the right amount of description and dialogue. There are a couple of main characters, and also characters introduced later on in the book. I am not keen on this but in this case it works just great.

The part where Discovery was detached from the transport plane was a little tedious and long, specially as there was nothing about when Discovery was placed on the transport plane, it seemed a little unnecessary.

I enjoyed best the Kyra character, she seemed real, with emotions, but strong enough to keep going with what was required of her despite all that happened, but I also enjoyed Obi´s character and his name is just brilliant partly because he also seemed real, with real problems and issues.

I preferred the story line with Kyra, rather than the Obi one, but the launch of Discovery was my favourite part.

The ending is a nail biter, making you wonder what is going to happen and keeps you reading.

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