Effective Online Book Marketing – Guest Post By Jasmine Roy

4 Mistakes to Avoid for Effective Online Book Marketing

Are you looking for a simple and efficient technique to promote your book in the market? Then, online book marketing would prove to be an ideal technique to promote your book in an effective way. Due to various developments in the technology and easy access to the web a large number of authors and publications prefer to go for online book marketing. With new authors and book publications venturing in the market, an increase is observed in the promotion of new books over the web. However, many authors do not have proper knowledge of internet marketing skills. As a result, they tend to make some mistakes due to which several influential authors fail to promote their explicit books over the web. Some of the common mistakes that most of the good authors tend to make and fail to market their book effectively online are as stated below.

  1. Incompetent Keyword Research

As a matter of fact, the keyword research is the chief requirement for online book promotion. However, making use of the keywords does not mean to stuff them in the content. Several authors do not have good experience in marketing strategies and hence they are not able to think the way promoters think with respect to marketing. The authors are unable to find, target and finally draft a perfect list of keywords and phrases.

In order to avoid such a mistake you need to get acquainted with the keywords and how to use them effectively in order to bring in a considerable traffic flow to your particular business website. You can even prefer to make use of good keyword tools that are available with Google and rest of the search engines. This will greatly help your to make effective keyword search and achieve success.

  1. Poor Quality Content

Several impressive writers and even the most powerful writers possess an incorrect perception regarding the content writing. They think that just by offering a small part of written content over some online platforms they can drive in a considerable traffic flow. Remember the online searchers need to be offered the content that they want to read or else they won’t be able to find books written by you. If you happen to fail to offer them what they need, then you are bound to lose good opportunities of online promotion and sale of your books over the web.

The websites with unique and high quality content are always appreciated by Google and other popular search engines. Hence, it is advisable not to focus only on uploading lots of content on your business website. The new Google parameter won’t prefer to consider your web pages just because you have a large amount of content. Quality, relevance and uniqueness matter a lot for online promotion of your book. Prefer to stick to the concept and do not include irrelevant things in your content. It is advisable to write precisely, qualitatively and to the point to attract the search engine crawlers and the readers.

  1. Ignorance of the influence of the social networking platforms

You need to keep a close eye on the developing trends over the web. Various new online trends have made book publishing and promoting quite easy. Social media has gained a considerable significance for promoting anything over the internet. You can carry out productive interactions with a large number of your potential customers by using various social networking platforms. You can effectively market your book online by making use of social networking websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and others.

  1. Overlooking crucial personal contacts

At times, we fail to notice the golden opportunity that is present right in front of us. The presence of your family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances in your web circle or community can play a vital role for making your online book marketing a grand success. Your social circle and personal contacts, if present over the web, can have great potential to build a word of mouth for your book publication. Do not forget to talk to your friends and acquaintances regarding development of your book that is created by using your own thoughts and ideas. They can play an effective role in boosting your book sales.

By avoiding these 4 mistakes, you can effectively market your book online. Always remember effective promotion is not concerned with following others but with implementation of your own innovations.

Author Bio – Jasmine Roy is a expert writer with rich experience in writing books, blogs, and articles on a wide range of topics. Through her years of writing and publication she has come to believe that Pubmatch is a great resource of book publishing companies for writers all over the world. She has complete faith in the book publishing companies over here as they offer various exclusive services such as offset printing services, valuable and up-to-date information in the favor of the book authors and also allow them to have a creative control on various aspects of publishing and promoting their books.

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