Interview – Adin Dalton author of Pyotr Ilyich

 TchaikovskyI recently read a rather cool book about the life of the composer Tchaikovsky, I was thrilled to get the chance to read it and review it for Adin Dalton. Click here for the review. 

The author was kind enough to answer a few questions.

1.- Hi there Adin, nice to have you with us. Why don´t we start by you telling a little about yourself.

Thank you for your interest in my ebook. I’m from Southern California but now live in Manhattan. I studied ballet and ballet history at the University in California and was always enamored Tchaikovsky’s music. I thought I would write a nonfiction book about him and actually started a tribute book for the one-hundredth anniversary of the ballet “Swan Lake” but never quite got it off the ground. When I moved to New York City I learned about Tchaikovsky’s mysterious death (unsolved to this day) and I became completely fascinated. I started my novel “Pyotr Ilyich” the very next day.

2.- What do you think about the publishing world today?

I think it’s ridiculously hard to get a publisher.
There are some really great reads out there. Thank goodness for the ebook industry.

3.- Do you use a professional editor?

I did not hire an editor, but I did pay an impartial person to read my book and then give me feedback. It was invaluable.

4.- What is your blog or website or both?
My book’s website is:
It has a wonderful photo gallery where you can see the real-life people from the book, which is great if you want to know what they actually looked like.

5.-  Who has influenced you in the past?

My two favorite professors had a big influence on me… historian Olga Maynard, and also the great choreographer Antony Tudor. Tudor once told me that I had a  ballet pedigree because I was a direct descendent from the grandfather of classical ballet, Marius Petipa. He told me, “From Petipa to Fokine, from Fokine to Tudor, from Tudor to you.” It was very flattering…

6.- What is your hope for your writing in the future?

I’ve already begun research on my next novel, which is going to take place in Renaissance Florence. Fabulous! It will have an interesting POV.pyotr ilyich

7.-How has social media influenced you in the promotion of your books?

Well, I’ve put my book up on the appropriate ebook websites, and I also have a Facebook and Twitter account for it… and my own website of course. Not sure if any of it does any good… Word-of-mouth is still the way that books get sold and authors get known.

Adin´s book Pyotr Ilyich is available on Amazon

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