A Question of Proof by Joseph Amiel

a question of proofBlurb from Goodreads.com, please scroll down for my review.

A spell-binding legal thriller from Joseph Amiel, best-selling author of Birthright, Deeds, and Star Time. A Question of Proof is a profoundly moving courtroom drama in which a lawyer struggles to defend the woman he loves against the accusation that she murdered her husband.

Tough and street-smart, a principled rebel against an establishment he has always scorned, Dan Lazar has risen from the working class to become one of Philadelphia’s top criminal defenders. But now divorced and badly missing his young son, disillusioned by years of representing vicious criminals, humiliated by the politically ambitious DA’s charge that he bribed a witness in a brutal rape-homicide case, Dan is burned out, depressed, and ready to call it quits. On the surface he would seem to have nothing in common with Susan Boelter, the beautiful and patrician wife of Peter Boelter, who runs the city’s dominant newspaper and heads one of its most powerful families. But when Peter deserts her and files for divorce, moving to seize everything that is precious to her, including custody of their thirteen-year-old daughter, Susan turns to a reluctant Dan for help. Suddenly, Peter is found dead. Susan becomes the prime suspect in his murder. Driven by his love for her and by an inner need to defend someone in whose innocence he can truly believe, Dan starts to investigate. He soon discovers a maze of conflicting evidence and of growing doubts and mystery about the woman he thought he knew and loved. And he realizes that the truth he desperately seeks – especially about Peter Boelter’s death – depends on finding the answer to a question of proof.

From Philadelphia’s courtrooms in City Center to the mansions in its moneyed suburbs, A Question of Proof is the gripping story of one man’s internal battle between love and justice and the lengths to which a wealthy family will go to hide its secrets.

It is not all that past faced but it is a good solid read. Plenty of greed, sex, old money and family secrets. A classic who dunnut murder mystery and you can´t beat those.

It took a while to get into, there are loads of characters that I found confusing at first. I really needed to concentrate at the beginning of the book, so make sure you can get some time out or you will need to re-read pages. And as the chapters are rather long you might find it difficult to get into. But get over that little hiccup and you have a good solid read. Not as much court room drama as I thought and a rather interesting love story in it also that the author spent plenty of time on elaborating.

This book was originally published in 1993, but has since been republished, it hasn´t outdated. I am not sure if the cover is the original or new for this edition, but it seems a little antiquated and could be better.

This is a good court room drama but it takes a long time getting there covering the background of the main characters and the lead up to the trial takes up the majority of the book and if you are looking for a longer court room drama this might not be the books for you. Although having said this the ending is spectacular, I never saw it coming and I loved it.

Dan was a good character, with a past that seems to be more and more common, an ex-wife and son living the other side of the country. He was my favourite character of the lot. And by far my favourite part was the trial. Highly recommended for those lovers of courtroom dramas, with a little extra twist in the tale.

3 ½ stars out of five.

At the page 314 of the epub edition (not sure if this is the correct location though) there is a mistake. Close to the end of the page it says:

His first guess was correct: to entertain Jamie, Susan and Ron were staying at Circus Circus.

It should say Hannah and Ron.

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