Guest author – Matt Tomerlin – The Devil’s Fire series

I have recently read the first book in the trilogy and looking forward to the second, while I was hunting around on the web for some information on the author I came across this interesting interview. Thanks Danielle

Danielle Lenee Davis

I’m pleased to welcome Matt Tomerlin, author of the pirate adventure series, The Devil’s Fire. The third and final book, The Devil’s Horizon, is set to be released on July 3, 2013, just days away!
Matt TomerlinThe Devil's Horizon

Matt, thanks for stopping by and taking the time for this interview.  Let’s get started.

Your female characters, especially Katherine (Kate), are smart, strong, and ruthless. I love it!  Kate needed to evolve in order to survive, but was her strength and ruthlessness your original intention when you started the story?

 I  knew Katherine would have to shed much of her innocence in order to survive. And       not just survive, but assuage her guilt and learn to respect herself. Over the course of the first book, she often surprised me. Some readers did not appreciate her final decision, and I won’t tell them they are wrong to feel that way. Kate became her own person in that moment. I did not plan that ending out in advance…

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