The Devils Fire by Matt Tomerlin

the devils fireBlurb from, please scroll down for my review.

The waters of the Caribbean run red in this brutal tale of revenge set during the Golden Age of Piracy! Katherine Lindsay, the pampered young wife of a wealthy ship captain, has left her leisurely life in London to accompany her husband to America. So far, their journey has been uneventful, even boring. But when ruthless pirates suddenly storm on board to plunder her husband’s riches, Katherine is one of the treasures they steal, sparking a bloody chain of events that will change the Caribbean forever. Pirate lovers will find no shortage of treachery, cutlass duels, ship-to-ship battles, buried treasure and much, much more.

4 out of 5 stars.

It certainly starts well, setting the scene wonderfully in the year 1717 on board a ship travelling from London to America and it gripped me immediately. I could feel the scene and even smell it. Written well, in the third person and with each chapter corresponding to a character in the book, with stunning descriptions which make you feel you are there with the pirates on the ship and at the locations they visit. There is no jumping about which can drive me to leave a book midway, so this is just great. The book has the right amount of dialogue, description and action for me. There are some good pirates and some dark pirates making you warm to either one or the other.

I loved reading about the background of each character drawing you into the story. It is full of action, violence, (but not as much as some of the other reviews are claiming, and occasionally sex, (but nothing too strong, could have been better) it is not romantic like I thought before starting it, but it is not for the faint hearted, but I have read stronger books, and I would recommend the book to adults who enjoy historical fiction about pirates.

I enjoyed all the pirate characters except for the Cunningham character, I couldn´t quite warm to him. Katherine is one hell of a character, she surprised me with her strength and will, going from a well to do wife in England to being kept hostage aboard a pirate ship for months on end. She grows constantly as a character and I ended up loving her. I also found Griffiths to be one of my favourite characters also.

Superb for a debut novel, way to go Matt Tomerlin with a great title and cover art. Can´t wait to get hold of the next in the series. It would make a great movie.

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