Endpoint by Rejean Giguere

endpointblurb from goodreads.com, please scroll down for my review.

In 1989 a KGB interrogator thought he discovered a message embedded in a victim’s migraine headache. In 2012 Alexi Tambov is snatching people off the streets of New York City, still trying to solve the riddle of the message. When Gary and Chantal are mugged coming out of a support group meeting, they brush it off as “life in the city”. When the second mugging turns into a full-fledged kidnapping they are dragged into Alexi’s web. In a desperate effort to protect Chantal, Gary decides he has to solve the puzzle before Septon Research. Piecing together the clues, he realizes to solve the message he has to combine the auras. His long-term bond with Russian mobster Ivan Petrovski results in help coming from unlikely sources. Chantal and the team will join Gary on this action/adventure quest that leads them in a running battle across North America, before coming to a shocking end in the canyons of Arizona. Who will get there first? Who will believe what they find?

Brilliantly written engaging fast paced action / thriller with maybe a little science fiction in it due to the subject covered. I started it and couldn´t put it down, but I had too as I got tired and life sometimes gets in the way of reading. But as soon as I could I picked it up again.


Gary and Chantal are the two main characters and you are introduced to them right away, you get some more background information on them as the book goes on and this helps with the character building. They are involved in a sort of mind puzzle, the clues are obtained from the minds of certain people and as you can imagine Chantal is one of them. The story takes you to various places in America and Canada. It will keep you guessing throughout with plenty of questions.

I also enjoyed the Ivan character, he is a goodie / baddie, I enjoy the baddie characters who do good. The rest of the bad guy characters are also well thought out.
I like the style of writing, in the third person and it goes from one group of people to the other giving a different sides of the story. There is a bit of a love story also in the way Gary has to protect Chantal.

My favourite part was when the team was in Alaska, although there wasn´t a great deal of descriptions, I got the feeling of remoteness and isolation and that is awesome.

I would highly recommend this book, although, if you have a weak stomach you might want to skip on certain part, due to extreme violence, but even this was extremely well written. And regarding the ending, well you won´t expect that.

4 out of 5 stars. Read my review of Jackfish Reborn


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