Caught in a Web by Jason Carter

caught in a webBlurb from, please scroll down for my review. It’s been two years since his wife, Victoria, vanished, and single father, Steven Pierce has now found the strength to move on. But after spending his first night alone with a new love, a mysterious letter offers a chance to draw him back into the search for his missing wife.

Torn between pursuing his new love or his first, Steven chooses to secretly pursue the new information by recruiting his sister, Susan, a Huntington Beach detective, to aide him in his search. But when clues are unearthed that reveal another side to Victoria, Steven
finds himself suddenly caught in a web spun of murder, lies, and deceit.

Will the truth Steven is so desperate to find save him,  or will it only serve to destroy him instead?

Published in May 2013, this is the author´s second novel.

The beginning of the book should get you interested enough as it did me and it kept me interested enough to read in all in one go. It starts off slow but as you read on it gets faster. I enjoyed this easy to read missing persons mystery, kept my attention all the way through. Don´t expect violence, (well there is a scene but nothing really to write home about) there is just a little bad language, but nothing over the top, there is also a great love story going on also with the right amount of sex, it’s just a cozy mystery with plenty of humour, that lighten up the darker parts, well written in the first person, being Steven the main character, his life could be just about anyone’s except that his wife had gone missing a few years back, he is finally getting his own life back on track when…. bang….. you will want to read this book to see what happens. I enjoyed the bits with the flashes his wife, Victoria, although not many of them, a little freaky at times, but really cool.

There are some youngish, cool grandparents, who have the best relationship with the coolest four-year old out there, grandkid , Kim and Lilah who is the best of the lot with her motorcycle and a little wild attitude

There is a twist every so often adding to the mystery and the questions the readers might have.

The characters are very real, with great character development.

Around the halfway mark, Clair Reynolds is introduced adding to the mystery., why? You wonder, well, you will just have to read on to find out. This part of the book was probably my least favourite as it didn´t seem to fit in until later on. But that is the only part I was slightly unhappy about the rest of the book is a really good read, recommended to anyone who want a too missing persons mystery. And regarding the ending, boy I had not seen that coming but who to believe??? I guess we will never find out. But love a happy ending.


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