Last Man Out by James Kassel

Last man outBlurb from please scroll down for my mini review.

When the mysterious stranger, John Carter, arrived in the small gulf coast town of Newcastle Beach, he expected to find a quiet retreat in which he could remain anonymous. But after he encounters the most powerful family in town, their secrets quickly begin to unravel, and Carter is caught in the middle. He learns that nothing in Newcastle is what it seems and random is a word that should not exist. But the stranger has his own dark past, and what unfolds is hard to imagine. As revelations are made and pieces fall into place, everyone involved has only one question: who is John Carter?

John Carter arrives at a small town in Florida, he is looking for a quiet life and wants to remain anonymous, but he gets involved with the head honcho in town and it turns out nothing is what it seems. But John also has his own secrets he wants to hide, can he do this here?

This is the authors first book.

A great thriller / adventure, nicely fast paced and with enough suspense that will pull you in from the very start of the book. It is a nice quick easy read, hard to put down with plenty of twists and turns. The characters are believable, as is the story. The details and the descriptions, specially the fighting parts are all well written. The author uncovers small bits about the past of John Carter the main character to make you want more and I am sure there will be more in the next book.

The ending will leave you with enough questions to buy the next in the series which I will be looking for as soon as it comes out.

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