City of Veils by Zoe Ferraris

city of veilsBlurb from please scroll down for my review.
The body of a young woman is discovered on the grimy sands of Jeddah beach; soon afterwards, a strong-minded American woman finds herself alone and afraid in the most repressive city on earth when her husband suddenly disappears.

Investigating police officer Osama Ibrahim, forensic scientist Katya Hijazi and her friend, the strictly devout Bedouin guide Nayir Sharqi join forces to search out the truth in the scorching city streets and the vast, lethal emptiness of the desert beyond.

Breathtakingly fast-paced, sure-footed and thrilling, this novel paints in dazzling colours a city of veils in which more is hidden than is revealed, and nothing is what it seems.

Another hit from Zoe the second in the Nayir and Katya series. This book is a little darker than the previous book, Finding Nouf, and you learn a little more about life in Saudi Arabia and it´s way with women.

You have the two main characters return, and a few new people introduced in this second book, there are also more americans. You have the body of a woman wash up on the shore and the need to discover who did it. The book is well written with lovely descriptions, and I enjoyed it much more than the first. You can read this as a stand alone but it is better if you read them in order as I have.

The relationship between Nayir and Katya grows and develops in the awkward setting and the author does a good job of letting the reader understand how difficult it really is.

The best part for me was the rescue in the desert with some lively descriptions of the weather.

Plenty of crime, religion, a missing person, whodunnit with a little extra due to the difficult location.

A good read, recommended.  Read my review of the first book in the trilogy: Finding Nouf. or the third book Kingdom of Strangers

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