The Supreme Remedy by Steffi Naughten

the supreme remedyThe Supreme Remedy by Steffi Naughten

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Tina Rhoades had been the very model of a young Marine: daughter and niece of soldiers, star athlete, and honors student. With an appetite for risk and adventure and a strong competitive streak, she joined the service with a desire to prove herself in combat. But her experiences in Afghanistan began to shake her faith in the values that she had grown up with, and she left the service to attend law school. After the death of her father in police custody, and further study, reflection and experience, she became increasingly radicalized, and critical of the U.S. legal and criminal justice systems – especially of what she came to view as the capture of the Supreme Court by a repressive, ideologically-driven and well-funded minority. She could see only one way to rebalance the court – and to undo the careful efforts of the hard-core right over 30 years: to use the deadly skills she had learned in the military to invoke The Supreme Remedy.
She pursues her dark quest with skill and precision. What she gives up in return is her identity, her best friends – and any prospect of leading a normal life.

Tina, who has a military past, has taken it into her hands to better the justice system in the USA, can she do it?

This is a short book with only 175 pages so it is easy to finish in one or two sittings. I enjoyed this simply written thriller with a bit of politics thrown in, well written and well researched by the author. The book is relatively fast paced but there are a few moments when the author describes the day to day moments of Tina, for example, she eats, she drives somewhere, she sleeps, etc. and there is a little too much of this.

The book has few characters, Tina is the main one, there is sufficient background to understand her and there is plenty of military background that the author has full understanding of and I love the fact that the main character is a female. There are a few fights, well described, the flashbacks that Tina experiences are also well researched and written, a little creepy when you read then and you know that this has actually happen to many marines. I actually enjoyed the flashbacks they seemed real. My favourite part was the first chapter with the descriptions of the way Tina undertook her mission and I also enjoyed the detective parts although they were a little short.

It could be a true story, or something that could actually happen specially in the USA which is a sad thing. This is the authors first book, and it seems to be first of a series with Tina Rhoades.

The ending could have been more exciting, but it has a nice finish to it. I would read a sequel and recommend this to people who enjoy short thrillers.


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