Barely a Spark by Donna McNicol

barely a sparkBlurb from, please scroll down for my review.

Police Sergeant Jim Sanders has been appointed the Acting Police Chief while his boss takes a vacation in Montana. Jim thinks two weeks will be a breeze, crime isn’t a big thing in the small town of Bradford, Pennsylvania.
Was it an accident? Maybe suicide? Or could it have been something more sinister. John Crocker was not a well liked man. He smoked too much, drank too much, and gambled too much. But even he had a family and they deserved to know the truth.
Small town Klondike, up the hill from Bradford, suddenly sees a spike in vandalism. Cabins ransacked, cars trashed – who is responsible? Summer tourist kids or someone more menacing?
Sometimes, two weeks can seem like a year…
[Book two in the Klondike Mystery Series]

This is the second book in what seems to be a trilogy, but a little birdie whispered to me that there might be more. If you want a quiet existence then don´t go and live in Klondike, where this books is based as there is plenty going on here. Read my review for the first book HERE.

This is a mixture of genres, mystery, murder and a touch of romance, it all rolls in well together.

This second book starts off right where the first one finishes, there is a little more character development which helps understand more each person and there is enough background information to help you remember what happened in the first book which is great. It is written in the same style as the first book, nice simple easy read with no harsh words.

This is such a lovely book, who would have thought that there is such huge amount of adventure in a small town in the middle of nowhere. And of course there is Kats Klondike Kafe where folks hang out and catch up with all the local gossip with a coffee and some pie, yum.

I enjoyed revisiting the town and it´s people, not sure if I have a favourite character for this second part, they are all so nice, friendly and fun, well except for Parker anyhow, but I guess we can´t all be on our best behaviour all the time. Pansy doesn´t have such a big part in this book.

It is important to read the books in order as otherwise they won´t make much sense. I have also had the pleasure to interview Donna, Read it HERE, and I hope to get the chance to meet her when she comes to Ecuador later in the year.

Highly recommended book, It is a very enjoyable read.

Thanks Donna for sending me a copy.

You can get in touch with Donna:


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