Coercion by Tim Tigner

coercionBlurb from, please scroll down for my review.

Ever been forced to do something despicable? Would you betray your family to save your child? Undermine your employer? Commit treason? 

Bin Laden gave terrorism a Middle-Eastern face. Now another misguided mastermind is giving it yours. But don’t feel bad, you’re not alone…. 

On the eve of perestroika, Alex Ferris stumbles onto KGB General Karpov’s scheme to regain Russia’s superpower status while investigating his brother’s death. After surviving attempts on his life and assembling bizarre clues, Alex settles on a most unusual suspect only to discover that Elaine is a victim herself. Unseen masters are forcing her into traitorous acts through nefarious threats. How many silent slaves like Elaine are out there? What do her tormenters want? Can he stop them? 

Alex flies from San Francisco to Siberia to find those answers and avenge his brother. In the midst of that frozen landscape and those tumultuous times, he survives infiltration, interrogation, and romance only to learn that he too is being manipulated as part of a much grander scheme. 

Written by a former Green Beret and counterintelligence specialist with a decade of experience on the ground in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, COERCION brings a chilling alternative history to life with what Kirkus Reviews calls “well-paced action, appealing characters and snappy writing.”

My Review. I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. I wasn´t sure what to expect, this is Tim´s first book out of three he has written so far. This book has 379 pages.

This is a very well written thriller, covering various locations in the globe with emphasis on Russia and USA.

The book is written from different views, one in USA with Alex Ferris, and the other with various Russian characters in Russia itself and USA. After a while all the action takes place in Russia, with some amazing descriptions of locations and it makes you feel the Siberian cold, brrrr.

This is one of the few books that keeps on and on, there isn´t a moment that nothing happens, full on action and thrills. The detail in the descriptions of the survival case in Siberia are superb. :), this was my favourite part of the book.

Alex was a great character, a great hero for a great book. In fact all the characters were great, even the baddies. The title and the cover are very suitable. Highly recommended if you enjoy fast action spy paced thrillers. Top book, one of the best books so far for me this year.

Click HERE to visit the authors website.

Click HERE to visit the amazon page and buy the book

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