The Manhattan Puzzle by Laurence O´Bryan

manhattan puzzle

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An international cover-up that could change the course of history…

Sean has been tracking a symbol from another age. It provides a clue to a barbaric conspiracy. A puzzle with an answer feared for millenia.

When Isabel wakes to find Sean hasn’t come home she doesn’t worry. At first. But when the police turn up on her doorstep wanting to interview him, she has to make a decision.

Does she keep faith in him or does she believe the evidence?
The symbol Sean and Isabel have been chasing will finally be revealed in Manhattan as one of the greatest banks in the world totters. Can Isobel uncover the truth before time runs out…or will she too be murdered?

A thrilling, high-octane race to save civilisation that will engross fans of Dan Brown, David Baldacci and James Patterson.

My Review. This is the third book in the puzzle series, the first being The Istanbul Puzzle and then The Jerusalem Puzzle, although there isn´t too much of a “puzzle” in the books there is certainly mystery and thrills.

There is plenty of background on the previous two books to remind the reader, but I don´t recommend reading this third book without having read the first two.

So far in the third book there are various story lines, Isabel is the main character as Sean goes missing, there are also Xena´s story line and Henry Mowlam, with the majority of the story line from Isabel´s point of view as she searches for Sean, there is also Sean and Isabel´s little boy 4 years old Alek in the story now.

 Nice quick short chapters which I enjoy as it makes it easy to pick up and put down. If you have already read the other two, then you might want to read this, but don´t expect the same stuff, this is different, but all the same it is good and I really enjoyed it.

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 4 out of 5 stars.

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