Under Fire by Rachel Amphlett

under fireBlurb from goodreads.com, scroll down for my review.

An explosion rocks a Qatari natural gas facility… a luxury cruise liner capsizes in the Mediterranean… and someone has stolen a submarine…
Are the events connected?
Dan Taylor doesn’t believe in coincidences – all he has to do is convince his superiors they are next in the terrorists’ line of fire.
As Britain enters its worst winter on record, Dan must elude capture to ensure the country’s energy resources are protected. At all costs.
In an action-packed adventure, from the Middle East through the Mediterranean to London, Dan and his team are on a quest which will test every choice he makes. Assisted by the exotic Antonia Almasi, Dan realises he faces an adversary far greater than he ever imagined.
And not everyone is going to survive.

Dan Taylor is back in a second installment as he and a group of people try to figure out how to stop a terrorist group. Wow, what a roller coaster ride! Be prepared with some extra time on your hands, as you won´t want to put this down. The action takes place in various countries around the world, with the outcome taking place in the United Kingdom. There are issues in the book which could be a real threat to some countries in the world, which make it seem more real and exciting.

This is the second Dan Taylor book by the author, but they can be read as standalone novels. It has been well researched and well written; of course, it is fiction though, very fast-paced and hard to put down. And when you think it is over, there is a nice twist, and even a little more. Of course, eventually it does finish. You will be left with an adrenaline rush and wanting more. I enjoyed the Dan Taylor character, a new hero, who could be something we see more of in the future.

Highly recommended if you enjoy thriller, suspense, action, adventure all rolled into one.

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