Turbulent Waters by Peter Duysings

turbelent watersBlurb from goodreads.com please scroll down for my review.

The supply vessel was way too large to experience the powerful violent shudder of the thunderous explosion caused by the RPG rocket that had all those nearby, whether friend or foe, shaking and trembling uncontrollably, while their ear drums reverberated by the shockwave of the blast. As the crew reeled from fright, the dark cloud of smoke cleared to reveal a mass of mangled steel of what just seconds ago was the ship’s bridge – its control center. As the crew fought the fear their nerves had been beset with, their minds simultaneously tried with difficulty to render some form of clarity of the dire situation that had besieged them. It became every bit as arduous to comprehend that all those who had been within the targeted compartment were worse off than the twisted metal. People had just died! This was insane! Absolutely surreal to their mind sets. How could this be possible?

How could this catastrophic occurrence have befallen them in this modern sea-faring age? The ship had cruised these waters many times over without a problem. Now suddenly they were beset upon by local armed thugs in small powerboats attempting to hijack not only their vessel, but putting their very lives in jeopardy as well. The crew’s minds were still focused on the carnage and disheveled thoughts that lingered, when in a heartbeat, multiple automatic weapons fired in unison and a hail of bullets struck metalwork structures around them. The deadly fusillade forcibly brought their minds back to the fact they were in imminent danger. It was sink or fight and to these men there was no choice but to go down battling the scourge that threatened their very existence. They quickly sought out the few firearms available on board. However meager the defensive attempt would be, it was their only hope.

This is based on a true story, and the author seems to have done sufficient research on the subject. I was looking forward to reading this book, something I haven´t read about yet, it seemed very exciting and fast paced according to the blurb, but there were parts that until very close to the end didn´t seem to have anything to do with the book at all, just seemed like the author was filling out and writing more pages for the book to be longer.

It starts very, very, well but then for quite some time just lags along without much going on until you get to the part of the pirate attack.

There are three sides to the story in the book, the pirate side,(which is far by the best, I enjoyed this part specially the terrorist side), the SEAL side and there is also a political side, these stories don´t seem to have much to do with one another, and at the same time they do. I found them a little confusing. The political side was long winded and there was a lot of fluff to fill it out as with the SEAL side.

On a positive note the research on the SEAL side of the story in very good, there are explanations of each term which helps the reader understand what they mean, which in turn makes sense given the author´s military background.

There is a huge potential for this book, it just needs some editing to cut out the fluff and the barter between the characters for it to “get” on with the actual story telling.

The ending was the most exciting part, full of action, nicely fast paced and it brought together the SEAL side and the pirate side.

The title and the cover have been well thought out.

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