The Death Bet by AK Price

the death betWhen I first got my hands on this book, I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn´t heard of the author before, let alone of the book, so I read it with a completely open mind. It´s all about money, money, money, and this can make a man greedy and corrupt. In addition to the book being about money, it’s also about murder and plenty of secrets. This is a superb story involving insurance, the goings on in a large company doing stuff it shouldn’t, and how far some people will go to keep what they have.

In the beginning of the story, loads of characters are introduced, and I got a little confused with all the new names, but that was only for a short while as the author soon started detailing the background of the characters and they really came alive for me; the descriptions of each one with heartwarming information.

The book quickly drew me in, and I absolutely love the parts that were based on the Red Islands. The history the author describes brought the place alive.

The book didn´t get boring at all; it kept my attention all the way through. There were some parts when I had to pay more attention, as there was talk about insurance stuff, but it was well-written and easily understood. The characters seemed real, and I enjoyed the twist with Lyndsey and what was going on in her life; I wasn´t expecting that at all. The ending of the book is a much higher paced thriller hard to put down, and I found I wanted more.

I can highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good crime novel — some mystery thrown in with some great description and history about the locations with a great ending where everything is nicely tied up.

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