The Scavenger´s Daughters by Kay Bratt

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Having survived torture and imprisonment during China’s Cultural Revolution, Benfu escaped to find love with his compassionate and beautiful Calla Lily. Together they build a fulfilling life around the most menial of jobs—Benfu’s work collecting trash. As he sorts through the discards of others, he regularly discovers abandoned children. With unwavering determination, he and Calli spend decades creating a family of hand-picked daughters that help heal the sorrow and brighten their modest home. But all is not perfect and when crisis threatens to separate their family, Benfu—or possibly his band of headstrong daughters—must find a way to overcome the biggest hardship yet. 

Inspired by a true story, and set against the backdrop of a country in transition, The Scavenger’s Daughters is a sweeping present day saga of triumph in the face of hardship, and the unbreakable bonds of family against all odds. Continue reading

The Orange Moon Affair and The Jonas Trust Deception by AFN Clarke

orange moon affairThomas Gunn takes over the family company after the murder of his father, but soon realizes there is something very dark going on, so he sets out to find out what is happening.

This was an enjoyable thriller; you need to pay attention to it or you might get a little lost. It jumps occasionally, to give some background information, which could be better structured. There is plenty of international travel using some great means of transport, expensive cars and planes, a lavish lifestyle, but there is a very dark background that Thomas and Julie soon learn about and they then try to find out what is going on with the company. I really enjoyed this part. There are some great moments, with thrills a minute.  Continue reading

The Wolf at his Door Blog Tour & Giveaway

the wolf at his doorBlurb

Twenty-one-year-old Alec Rune is annoyed when his older sister, Lucy, ambushes him with a blind date with her friend, Jared. But Alec is immediately attracted to the intriguing, intelligent young man.

But the past has claws… 
Ilene Rune nearly collapses when she meets her son’s new boyfriend. His black hair and startling green eyes are the same as a man she knew years ago—an evil, violent man with strange powers. Continue reading

I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

i am pilgrim

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Can you commit the perfect crime?

Pilgrim is the codename for a man who doesn’t exist. The adopted son of a wealthy American family, he once headed up a secret espionage unit for US intelligence. Before he disappeared into anonymous retirement, he wrote the definitive book on forensic criminal investigation.

But that book will come back to haunt him. It will help NYPD detective Ben Bradley track him down. And it will take him to a rundown New York hotel room where the body of a woman is found facedown in a bath of acid, her features erased, her teeth missing, her fingerprints gone. It is a textbook murder – and Pilgrim wrote the book.

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The Thieves Of Heaven (Michael St. Pierre #1) by Richard Doetsch

thieves of heaven

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The most closely Guarded treasure on Earth.

An explosive ancient secret.

A breakneck journey into the heart of the Vatican.
In a small, heavily fortified room just north of the Sistine Chapel, a master thief is about to strike. All he needs is an instant–to steal the most important treasure in the Vatican museum: two antique keys–one gold, one silver–that protect the secret of salvation…. Continue reading

Rising Threat by Roger T. Smith

rising threat

It certainly starts with a kick and makes you ask questions that are later answered but from there on, I struggled a little until around the ten percent, there were loads of characters introduced and I found it difficult to keep up. Also the formatting wasn’t all that good; this made me want to give up a couple of times, but once I got over it, I found the book to be thrilling.

Dane Alexander is the main character and after he is introduced there are some basic character development to help understand his background. I enjoyed the Dane Alexander character the best of all; he was refreshing. The childhood he has had helped him make some of the decisions he makes during the book.

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Spy for Hire by Dan Mayland

spy for hire

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A kidnapped orphan triggers an intelligence war in the Middle East, catapulting top-spy Mark Sava into a desperate race against friend and foe alike.
Azerbaijan didn’t want him. And now Kyrgyzstan may not be able to handle Mark Sava either. The ex–CIA station chief has settled into a new, easy life as a spy for hire. But then his girlfriend, Daria, discovers the private intelligence agency employing Sava is connected to a strange plot involving a mysterious orphan.

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The Medea Complex by Rachel Florence Roberts

the medea complex

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1885. Anne Stanbury – Committed to a lunatic asylum, having been deemed insane and therefore unfit to stand trial for the crime of which she is indicted. But is all as it seems?

Edgar Stanbury – the grieving husband and father who is torn between helping his confined wife recover her sanity, and seeking revenge on the woman who ruined his life.

Dr George Savage – the well respected psychiatrist, and chief medical officer of Bethlem Royal Hospital. Ultimately, he holds Anne’s future wholly in his hands.

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Secret by Dale Furse


Blurb from please scroll down for my review. Who was responsible for the extinction of the wexkians? 

In the sequel to Curse, book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy, Nell embarks on a double quest: to find the missing pages of the Book of Wexkia and to locate the incarcerated Shahs – a wexkian just like her. With faithful friends in tow and surrounded by unseen enemies, she travels to the worlds of Corl, Linque and Gramlax where she hopes to find the answers to her endless questions. 

But as Nell learns to control her growing powers, who can she trust? Will the risks she takes to unlock the secret of her race’s origins and expose the true adversary lead to war? 

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Special Book Review – The Husband´s Secret by Liane Moriarty

the husbands secret

This was the choice for my online book club this month, blurb from Please scroll down for the reviews from the members. From the author of the critically acclaimed What Alice Forgot comes a breakout new novel about the secrets husbands and wives keep from each other.

My Darling Cecilia
If you’re reading this, then I’ve died . . .

Imagine your husband wrote you a letter, to be opened after his death. Imagine, too, that the letter contains his deepest, darkest secret – something so terrible it would destroy not just the life you built together, but the lives of others too. Imagine, then, that you stumble across that letter while your husband is still very much alive . . .
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Rise of Indicium by Matthew Keith

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Paul Bennett is a Walker—someone who can walk the night in their dreams free of their body—and a member of Astralis, an agency funded by the UN that uses Walkers to gather intelligence. 

A rogue Walker from Astralis attempted to take over the agency six months previous, but failed in his attempt. Now, he has formed his own agency and declared war on Astralis, stopping at nothing to gain control of every Walker in the world.

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The Accounting by William Lashner

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Jon Willing was just a teenager when he and his pals Augie and Ben stole a fortune in drug money. Brazen with youth and stoned out of their gourds, they thought they had the perfect plan for getting away with it.
They were wrong.
Twenty-five years later, Jon’s marriage is on the rocks, his kids are virtual strangers, and the recession has taken his job and decimated his finances. Worst of all, when he finds Augie murdered in Vegas, he knows the past has risen from its grave to grab him by the throat.

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