The Accounting by William Lashner

the accountingblurb from please scroll down for my review.

Jon Willing was just a teenager when he and his pals Augie and Ben stole a fortune in drug money. Brazen with youth and stoned out of their gourds, they thought they had the perfect plan for getting away with it.
They were wrong.
Twenty-five years later, Jon’s marriage is on the rocks, his kids are virtual strangers, and the recession has taken his job and decimated his finances. Worst of all, when he finds Augie murdered in Vegas, he knows the past has risen from its grave to grab him by the throat.

The battle that ensues will send Jon skittering across a landscape wracked by the Great Recession to confront the demons of his past: the grade-school bully who has terrorized him for decades, the grandfather that betrayed him, the girl that got away. And in the middle of a fight to death, with his daughter’s life hanging in the balance, Jon Willing learns the most brutal of truths:
The piper always gets paid, and sometimes he gets paid in blood.

My Review:

This is the first book I have read by this author and I enjoyed it. It is witty, fun, but also a dark story.
I enjoyed the way it is written, (although I did listen to it book as an audio book.) There is plenty going on all the time, with a good mix of the present and the past of the main characters with special emphasis on the main character JJ Moretti.
It is a standalone book, so no need to go out there and find sequels which so many authors are doing nowadays.
This is a mostly a nicely fast paced thriller although there are slower parts. My favourite parts where when the three boys were getting up to no good but overall it was enjoyable.

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