Rise of Indicium by Matthew Keith

watchers 2blurb from amazon.com please scroll down for my review.

Paul Bennett is a Walker—someone who can walk the night in their dreams free of their body—and a member of Astralis, an agency funded by the UN that uses Walkers to gather intelligence. 

A rogue Walker from Astralis attempted to take over the agency six months previous, but failed in his attempt. Now, he has formed his own agency and declared war on Astralis, stopping at nothing to gain control of every Walker in the world.

This is the second book in the Watchers series, and you really need to read them in order or the second won´t make much sense. If you have read the first one, there is enough background to help you remember what happened with out it being too much.

This second book starts off 6 months after the first book finished, there have been some changes at Astralis due to what happened at the end of the first one.

Some of main characters of the first book are there, with Paul being the star, they have all matured a fair amount having some more experience at the jobs they are undertaking and what has happened in the past.

There is action, mystery, adventure for these young, and in cases, not so young people, they are taken on an adventure against their counterparts, who aren´t exactly acting for the good of mankind.

I was touched by the mention of the old couple in the beginning and of the old man opening and holding the door for his wife, it shows the compasion of the author.

Well worth reading if you have read the first book.

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