Secret by Dale Furse


Blurb from please scroll down for my review. Who was responsible for the extinction of the wexkians? 

In the sequel to Curse, book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy, Nell embarks on a double quest: to find the missing pages of the Book of Wexkia and to locate the incarcerated Shahs – a wexkian just like her. With faithful friends in tow and surrounded by unseen enemies, she travels to the worlds of Corl, Linque and Gramlax where she hopes to find the answers to her endless questions. 

But as Nell learns to control her growing powers, who can she trust? Will the risks she takes to unlock the secret of her race’s origins and expose the true adversary lead to war? 

Using her vivid imagination, author Dale Furse, once again transports us to a world of bizarre beings and fantastic scenery, as we join Nell and her friends on their alien adventure. 

This is the second book in the series, there is a nice section at the beginning with reminders of what happened in the first book. The same characters appear again, there are also some new ones and also some new places that Nell visits and learns about.

The descriptions of the other worlds are vivid and imaginative, very enjoyable indeed. The book is easy to read, aimed at a young adult market with loads of fantasy going on. A bit of science fiction, fantasy and YA all mixed in together.

I actually enjoyed this second book more than the first, I thought there was more depth to it, it was full of excitement and thrills wanting you to keep reading.

I can recommend this book but you need to read them in order. The author has done a good job on the title and the cover.

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See the video trailer for Secret below.

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