Rising Threat by Roger T. Smith

rising threat

It certainly starts with a kick and makes you ask questions that are later answered but from there on, I struggled a little until around the ten percent, there were loads of characters introduced and I found it difficult to keep up. Also the formatting wasn’t all that good; this made me want to give up a couple of times, but once I got over it, I found the book to be thrilling.

Dane Alexander is the main character and after he is introduced there are some basic character development to help understand his background. I enjoyed the Dane Alexander character the best of all; he was refreshing. The childhood he has had helped him make some of the decisions he makes during the book.

The downside to the whole novel is that it is not a new idea, but put that to one side and you have a solid book. There are plenty of twists and turns, adventure and thrills which will keep you reading into the night. The plot is engaging and it gets the reader asking questions about what is right and wrong within large companies. The plot could be something that is actually happening in some part of the world.

The part where Dane dismantles the plane engine was great, although, I thought it would be hard to do so in the time frame written, but after all it is only a book.

I couldn´t warm up to the Rick Wrights character; cold and a little in-human, he comes across as a person locked into a life he isn´t enjoying with no way of it getting better. The author has described this character well.

The ending was even more fast paced than the rest of the book, tying thing up nicely. The title is very apt and suitable and the cover could be a little better. This is an interesting suspense techno-thriller.

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