Alex by Pierre LeMaitre


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Upon winning the prestigious 2013 Crime Writers Association International Dagger Award, the judges praised Alex by saying, “An original and absorbing ability to leash incredulity in the name of the fictional contract between author and reader . . . A police procedural, a thriller against time, a race between hunted and hunter, and a why dunnit, written from multiple points of view that explore several apparently parallel stories which finally meet.”

Alex Prévost—kidnapped, savagely beaten, suspended from the ceiling of an abandoned warehouse in a tiny wooden cage—is running out of time. Her abductor appears to want only to watch her die. Will hunger, thirst, or the rats get her first?

Apart from a shaky eyewitness report of the abduction, Police Commandant Camille Verhoeven has nothing to go on: no suspect, no leads, and no family or friends anxious to find a missing loved one. The diminutive and brilliant detective knows from bitter experience the urgency of finding the missing woman as quickly as possible—but first he must understand more about her. 
As he uncovers the details of the young woman’s singular history, Camille is forced to acknowledge that the person he seeks is no ordinary victim. She is beautiful, yes, but also extremely tough and resourceful. Before long, saving Alex’s life will be the least of Commandant Verhoeven’s considerable challenges.

A 2013 Financial Times Book of the Year
Shortlisted for the 2014 RUSA Reading List Horror Award

This is a great book, there are twists galore which were unexpected and brilliant. The author has an incredible mind, at first I felt sorry for Alex due to the kidnapping and the descriptions and details are incredible, a little rough, gory and real. I still think about rats. Yuck. But then things start to unfold and the truth of Alex´s life and childhood start to unravel.

This is part of a trilogy, but so far the only book to be translated from the original French, there are parts when I felt I wanted some more information on the background of Camille, a few things are revealed but not much, although it can be read as a standalone.

You have two different viewpoints, Alex and Camille and written in the third person. This is a difficult book to review due to not wanting to give away details, so I won´t go on, but if you enjoy a thriller this is one of the better ones. I didn´t want it to finish. Well worth reading.

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