The Metaxy Project by Layton Green

Metaxy CoverBlurb
From bestselling author Layton Green comes a dark and riveting new mystery . . .

Rising above a hardscrabble childhood to become a star at one of Atlanta’s most prestigious law firms, Derek Miller is reliving The Great Gatsby in his own backyard.  The spell is broken, however, when Derek’s investigation into the death of his mentor, a prominent psychologist, runs afoul of a mysterious government project involving research into psychic phenomena.

 As Derek digs deeper, convinced his mentor was murdered, he is plunged into a rabbit hole of government experiments, clandestine figures, and supposed paranormal events.  His investigation also puts him at odds with shadowy forces deep within the corridors of power — including those on the top floor of his own law firm.


With his career in shambles, a warrant out for his arrest, and his life in jeopardy, Derek is running out of time to unravel the secrets surrounding his mentor’s research.  And if he fails, it’s not just his own life that will be at risk, but the lives of those he holds most dear.
From a theoretical physicist to a clairvoyant housewife to the charismatic pastor of a mega-church, from lavish Southern mansions to desperate urban wasteland, Derek’s investigation turns into a race for survival that hinges on one thing alone: finding, and stopping, the most powerful psychic the world has ever seen.

My Review.
I was thrilled to get an email from Layton Green with info on his latest book, The Metaxy Project, a standalone (nothing to do with the Dominic Grey series) and, would I like a copy. Yes, I replied, well there were a few more words than that in the email  of course, I was excited and honoured. A couple of days later, I received my copy. I quickly finished the book I was reading and loaded my new book onto my kindle and started to read. I had no idea what to expect, there was no information on amazon, goodreads, etc but as I am a fan of the Dominic Grey series I knew I  couldn´t go wrong. The book starts out with plenty of background information on Derek, the main character and with some information on other characters also. Written in the first person, with Derek as the narrator, I felt as if he was actually talking to me as if I were part of the book. There flashbacks as you read on, or should I say flash forwards, as the main part of the book is written in the past with the occasional chapter in the present. Then the flashbacks catch up and things make more sense.
As you turn the pages, the characters are developed some more and the story gets mysterious, making you want to turn more pages.
My favourite part is when Derek and Cam visit the LaLaurie Hospital. Nice. The book speeds up towards the end and is difficult to put down. The ending is nicely summed up and is a  well edited book.
Thanks Layton for the chance to read this new book.


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