The Abortionist´s Daughter by Elisabeth Hyde

the abortionists daughterblurb from, please scroll down for my review. 

Two weeks before Christmas, Diana Duprey, an outspoken abortion doctor, is found dead in her swimming pool. A national figure, Diana inspired passion and ignited tempers, but never more so than the day of her death. Her husband Frank, a longtime attorney in the DA’s office; her daughter Megan, a freshman in college; the Reverend Stephen O’Connell, founder of the town’s pro-life coalition: all of them quarreled with Diana that day and each one has something to lose in revealing the truth. Meanwhile the detective on the case struggles for the answers — and finds himself more intimately involved than he ever could have imagined.

I enjoyed this book, I admit I was expecting much more of a controversial book with more stuff about written about abortion but there really isn´t much of that at all, it is all very tactfully written to avoid most issues.

The characters are wonderful, the background of each one is great, you can get into each one. There are a bunch of main characters, although the main one is probably Megan (the daughter, hence the title), but it isn´t written from her point of view, and there are also others with equal importance, Frank, her father, and a couple of detectives on the case., even Dr Diana, who is unfortunately found dead in the first few pages has a large part in the book.

This is not so much of a thriller but a murder mystery, a who dunnit basically. I did stay clueless throughout as to who did it, but if I had found out (as I have done with other books) then I wouldn´t have enjoy it as much.

I was disappointed with the ending as it didn´t really have much to do with the Dr being an abortion doctor and also with the title, it didn´t have all that much to do with the daughter, if as a reader you can get around that, then this book is an enjoyable read.

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