Mother, Mother by Koren Zailckas

mother motherblurb from, please scroll down for my review.

Josephine Hurst has her family under control. With two beautiful daughters, a brilliantly intelligent son, a tech-guru of a husband and a historical landmark home, her life is picture perfect. She has everything she wants; all she has to do is keep it that way. But living in this matriarch’s determinedly cheerful, yet subtly controlling domain hasn’t been easy for her family, and when her oldest daughter, Rose, runs off with a mysterious boyfriend, Josephine tightens her grip, gradually turning her flawless home into a darker sort of prison.

Resentful of her sister’s newfound freedom, Violet turns to eastern philosophy, hallucinogenic drugs, and extreme fasting, eventually landing herself in the psych ward. Meanwhile, her brother Will shrinks further into a world of self-doubt. Recently diagnosed with Aspergers and epilepsy, he’s separated from the other kids around town and is homeschooled to ensure his safety. Their father, Douglas, finds resolve in the bottom of the bottle—an addict craving his own chance to escape. Josephine struggles to maintain the family’s impeccable façade, but when a violent incident leads to a visit from child protective services, the truth about the Hursts might finally be revealed.

My Review.

Well the title tells you what the novel is about, a mother, written from the point of view of her two children, Will and Violet. This is a very dark and disturbing book, makes you think you had the perfect childhood after reading this. The cover is also a little disturbing.

So what is it all about, well, a family with problems basically, but that is nothing compared with what the truth is. It jumps from child to child, going through the day to day stuff from their point of view. Will is 12 and Violet 16. I didn´t enjoy any of the characters in the book, and most of all I really disliked the father, Douglas, what a tosser.

The books goes on day to day over a week or so and slowly, very slowly reveals more and more stuff, until when Violet get released from the mental hospital things get faster and it gets interesting, but then you have the ending and wow what an ending. I didn´t see that coming, but then when I don´t see it coming I enjoy it even more.

Release date: September 17th 2013 by Crown

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